Business, healthcare, and community leaders are uniting in this coordinated effort to support individuals, families, treatment providers, and all levels of government to address this unprecedented epidemic.

The goal of RIZE Massachusetts is to change public understanding of the opioid problem, and demonstrate that opioid and other substance use disorders are, in fact, chronic illnesses for which there is effective treatment. Grants supported by RIZE Massachusetts will address the gaps in care across the full continuum from prevention to long-term sustainable recovery.

RIZE Massachusetts Funding:

RIZE Massachusetts will make grants including, but not limited to achieving the following goals:

  • Support community-based prevention efforts
  • Harm reduction and stopping preventable deaths for those at highest risk
  • Expand readily accessible, evidence-based medical and behavioral treatment for substance use disorders
  • Address stigma through training/education, and partnership-building across the state

We Hope These Programs Will Reduce:

  • Overdose deaths
  • Substance use and increased remission rates
  • Health complications from active substance use
  • ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations
  • Stigma
  • Prevalence of Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) in Massachusetts communities

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