1. What is RIZE Massachusetts?

RIZE Massachusetts is an independent non-profit that will raise funds from the private sector and make grants to address the goals below. Our 9-member board is comprised of leaders from healthcare, insurance, business, union, and community organizations. View Board Members


2. What is the goal of RIZE Massachusetts?

RIZE Massachusetts seeks to engage corporate, civic, and community leaders from across Massachusetts to raise and distribute $50,000,000 to help stop the epidemic of opioid addiction.

RIZE will provide significant financial support to enhance the work of those already on the front lines in the fight against substance use disorder. Grants supported by this fund will address the gaps in care across the full continuum from prevention to long-term sustainable recovery.


3. How will the funds be spent?

RIZE will make grants focused on the following goals:

  • To save lives by expanding immediately accessible, evidence-based treatment for    opioid use disorder
  • To reduce harm and stop preventable deaths for those at highest risk
  • To address stigma through training, education, and partnerships
  • To support community-based prevention efforts

Our intent is to issue Requests for Proposals that will fund efforts to target the epidemic of opioid overdose and addiction spanning prevention to treatment.

A key goal for RIZE Massachusetts is to test innovative new approaches to opioid addiction recovery.


4. What are the outcomes RIZE hopes to achieve?

  • Reduced overdose deaths
  • Reduced substance use and relapse rates
  • Reduced health complications from active substance use
  • Reduced ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations
  • Reduced stigma
  • Reduced prevalence of opioid use disorder in Massachusetts communities


5. How much money has been raised?

A total of $12.8 million has been pledged to date by the following organizations:


6. How do you ensure sustainability?

Sustainability of promising programs is essential. One of the top priorities of RIZE Massachusetts is to measure the effectiveness of funded programs and to work with public and private insurers as they consider the impact of the most promising initiatives. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has committed to help test and measure effectiveness of promising new models of care.


7. How can I donate/get involved?

If you would like to learn more about RIZE Massachusetts, contact Julie Burns at Julie.Burns@rizema.org or by calling 857-991-1195.

Third Sector New England is a public charity operating as the fiscal sponsor for RIZE Massachusetts.

Tax deductible donations can be sent directly to:
RIZE Massachusetts
c/o Third Sector New England
89 South St #700
Boston, MA 02111