RIZE Massachusetts (RIZE) will issue Requests for Proposals for grant programs designed to target the epidemic of opioid overdose and addiction spanning prevention to treatment. One of our top priorities is to measure the outcomes and effectiveness of our funding and to work with public and private insurers as they consider the impact of the most promising initiatives. Sustainability of the programs we fund is essential and a key factor in our selection criteria.

RIZE’s vision is that our funding will lead to meaningful and positive results in addressing not just the immediate crisis of opioid overdose death, but will also improve alignment among the overall health care and insurance systems, and evidence-based addiction treatment practices.

Our goals are:

  • To save lives by expanding immediately accessible, evidence-based treatment for    opioid use disorder
  • To reduce harm and stop preventable deaths for those at highest risk
  • To address stigma through training, education, and partnerships
  • To support community-based prevention efforts

Please note that RIZE does not fund events or provide sponsorships of any kind and we are unable to consider unsolicited proposals for donations.