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Our mission is to invest in the best solutions and brightest minds to end the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts and reduce its devastating impact on people, families, communities, and our economy. To fulfill our mission, we provide grants to fund evidence-based treatment, harm reduction, and recovery interventions as well as funding for research, data, and analysis that will contribute to the evidence base and policy development. Through our investments and partnerships, we strive to achieve these goals and reflect these values:

  • Comprehensive, compassionate, and sustainable approaches to prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery
  • Research to expand the evidence base and inform policy
  • Reduction in the economic impact of OUD on workers, businesses, and communities
  • Embed learning and evaluation into all strategies to improve results and build evidence for sustainable, scalable approaches
  • Reduce stigma and increase understanding of opioid use disorder as a chronic disease
  • Convene, support, and partner with other key players to facilitate a coordinated approach to the opioid crisis
  • Act as an independent organization and disrupt the status quo approaches to opioid use disorder
  • Ensure diversity and include those with lived experience in our teams and partnerships

Read the FAQ’s to determine if your organization could be a potential grantee.

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There are currently no open grant opportunities. Please check back later or contact Anne Marie Boursiquot King, Senior Program Officer at