RIZE supports rigorously designed quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research that yields convincing findings that directly test the impacts of programmatic or policy interventions on opioid use disorder care. This includes the development and dissemination of new research that will contribute to the evidence base and advance public policy by identifying system-level considerations that can have impactful, long-term effects.


Working to Achieve Zero Stigma

Shatterproof, RIZE, and GE Foundation released a survey on Massachusetts healthcare professionals and stigma around screening, treating patients with opioid use disorder. The research found that stigma around addiction extends to the provider community.

Research on Recovery Coaches

RIZE awarded a grant to the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Health Law and Economics to study the role of recovery coaches and their effectiveness in opioid use disorder care. This research identified opportunities and challenges related to the use of recovery coaches in different settings and provided findings, best practices, and policy recommendations that are useful to Massachusetts providers, payers, policymakers, state agencies, and researchers.

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