Zero Stigma. Zero Deaths.

Working to Achieve Zero Stigma

To learn more about how to address stigma in the healthcare professions, RIZE was a funding partner, together with the GE Foundation, in a project with Shatterproof. The goal of this project was to identify barriers to achieving behavior change, and to make recommendations of program elements to address those barriers.

Shatterproof, RIZE Massachusetts, and GE Foundation released a survey on Massachusetts healthcare professionals and stigma around screening, treating patients with opioid use disorder. The research finds that stigma around addiction extends to provider community.

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A consortium of twelve Boston and Cambridge hospitals have already stepped forward with a commitment to educate thousands of caregivers to better care for patients with addiction and support thousands of staff who may be affected by substance use disorder (SUD) either themselves or in their families over the next year.

The leaders of 12 Boston and Cambridge Hospitals are stepping forward with a commitment to train their providers about addiction as well as to support employees who are dealing with their own or a family member’s issues related to substance use disorders (SUD). Convened earlier this year by Kate Walsh, president and CEO of Boston Medical Center Health System, Betsy Nabel, MD, president of Brigham Health, and RIZE Massachusetts, these hospitals came together to develop a collective strategy that builds on the work each institution is doing to address the opioid epidemic.

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